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Active Shooter Preparation & Training

Increasing your chances of survival in active shooter situations can be trained.

Making decisions, knowing your abilities and acting fast can be the difference between life & death in what has unfortunately become a regular occurrence in the United States.


  • What is an Active Shooter Working with Emergency Response.
  • Working with Emergency Response.
  • Learning Tactics.
  • Case studies & History of Active Shooters
  • Assessing your environment and planning an escape route.
  • Run, Fight, Hide

This topic focuses on Protection and Safety in an active shooter event or terrorist attack. Our course provides training to all employees in healthcare settings, retail businesses and educational facilities.


Tier 1

8-Hour Class

Emergency Department, Psychiatric Department and Security Department.

Tier 2

6-Hour Class

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Radiology Department.

Tier 3

4-Hour Class

All Other Departments (Human Resources, Housekeeping, Bio-Med) etc.

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