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Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training

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Learn about Senate bill 1299

What is S.A.A.M?

 Situational Aggression Assessment Management (S.A.A.M) is a workplace violence prevention program that specializes in personal Safety  & Awareness, both on and off the job. 


Why do we need this?

 IT'S THE LAW! As of January 2017 in accordance with Senate Bill 1299, it is now a requirement that hospitals must have all personnel, doctors, students, volunteers and contract workers obtain training in Workplace Violence and Prevention.  

Who is at Risk?

 More than 2 million Americans have become victims of violence in the workplace each year. Workplace Violence can strike anywhere, at anytime and to anyone.  

Why our clients love us

Learn Techniques fast

Our Special topics are easy to learn using basic techniques that can be adapted to meet any situation or any environment.

Confidence at work

All of our special topics give those attending more confidence to deal with  workplace violence leading to a healthy workplace atmosphere, less absence and increase hospital patient satisfaction scores.

Friendly, Experienced Trainers

You can be reassured that your staff are being trained by suitably  experienced and competent trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and  experience to the training environment.

What would you do when de-escalation is not working for you.?

Our Workplace Violence Prevention courses offer compassion and  the most updated 

Self-Defense techniques when de-escalation is not working for you.

Workplace bullying

 Workplace Bullying Management program is designed to help employees professional  deal with lateral and horizontal bullying from co-workers or management and how to report.

We offer a state of the art program

Empowering your employees is the most positive and proactive approach to reducing workplace violence. Our Workplace Violence Prevention program is designed specifically to reflect the needs of your workplace and will allow your employees to work with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to diffuse conflict before or when it arises. 

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