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What is S.A.A.M?

S.A.A.M, also known as Situational Aggression Assessment Management, is a workplace violence prevention program that specializes in personal safety & awareness, both on and off the job. When you are working, violence can happen in a split second. Are you prepared for the situation? Is your security staff well trained in preventing danger? Does your security team looks professional and convincing? Are they performing inappropriate techniques, thus increasing the risk of liability? Register for our train-the-trainer 3 year certification program.

Why do we need this?

IT’S THE LAW! As of January 2017 in accordance with Senate Bill 1299, it is now a requirement that hospitals must have all personnel, doctors, students, volunteers and contract workers obtain training in Workplace Violence and Prevention.

Who is at Risk?

More than 2 million Americans have become victims of violence in the workplace each year. Workplace Violence can strike anywhere, at anytime. We are all susceptible to violence. Per research, nearly 75% of all workplace assaults happen in health care. Join us on how to keep workplace staff and patients safe.

Active Shooter Preparation & Training

Increasing your chances of survival in active shooter situations can be trained. Making decisions, knowing your abilities, and acting fast can be the difference between life & death in what has unfortunately become a regular occurrence in the United States.

Workplace Bullying Management

Whether you’re in HR, an employee, supervisor or general manager, you will benefit from our Workplace Bullying Management. Our topics sets out a clear overview of the causes, symptoms and techniques to implement to defuse unacceptable behavior.

Aggression & Conflict Management

One of the most popular topic for those working in front line roles is our Aggression & Conflict Management. This topic has been designed to enable workers to deal with aggressive or volatile situations without the need for physical measures; a hands off approach. This topic covers a range of different subjects; all of which are delivered in a classroom style environment by one of our experienced trainers and give a simple, yet comprehensive level of knowledge for staff.

Train the Trainer

Would you like to become a trainer one day? We have just the right program for you!

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