Training & Certification

Aggression & Conflict Management

One of the most popular topic for those working in front line roles is our Aggression & Conflict Management. This topic has been designed to enable workers to deal with aggressive or volatile situations without the need for physical measures; a hands off approach. This topic covers a range of different subjects; all of which are delivered in a classroom style environment by one of our experienced trainers and give a simple, yet comprehensive level of knowledge for staff. 


The course covers a range of different subjects:

  • Dealing with conflict within the law
  • Risk assessments
  • Effective communication
  • Lone working and safe working
  • Post incident reporting and support
  • Dealing with aggressive behavior whilst remaining non-aggressive
  • The use of body language in conflict management

If you are looking for a high quality base course for your staff to attend, then this is the one that comes highly recommended. 

Workplace Bullying Management

Whether you're in HR, an employee, supervisor or general manager, you will benefit from our Workplace Bullying Management. Our topics sets out a clear overview of the causes, symptoms and techniques to implement to defuse unacceptable behavior. 


The course covers a range of different subjects:

  • What is bullying?
  • Bullying Relational Conflict
  • Deformation of character 
  • Exploring the wider effects of bullying
  • The importance of engaging with Employees, supervisors and managers

This Workplace Bullying Management will help participants to develop a fuller awareness of how bullying can manifest, how it can be prevented, how it should be dealt with at work.

Active Shooter Preparation & Training

Increasing  your chances of survival in active shooter situations can be trained. Making decisions, knowing your abilities and acting fast can be the difference between life & death in what has unfortunately become a regular occurrence in the United States.  


  • What is an Active Shooter
  • Working with Emergency Response.
  • Learning Tactics
  • Case studies & History of Active Shooters
  • Assessing your environment and planning an escape route.
  • Run, Fight, Hide

This topic focuses in Protection and safety in an active shooter event or terrorist attack. Our Course provides training to all employees in a health-care, retail businesses and even educational facilities.  

Category training

Tier 1

8 - Hour Class

Emergency Department, Psychiatric Department and Security Department. 

Tier 2

6 - Hour Class 

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Radiology Department.  

Tier 3

4 - Hour Class

All Other Departments (Human Resources, Housekeeping, Bio-Med) etc. 

Program objectives

Participants will recognize warning signs for potential workplace violence. 

Participants will learn how to respond to actual or potentially workplace violence situations. 

Participants will understand the mutual responsibility of employer and employee to maintain a safe work invironment. 

We offer a wide range of workplace violence prevention training.

 All of our topics are designed to teach practical techniques for your organizations needs. Many of our students work in front-line situations and need to be able to handle aggression, violence and potentially explosive situations.