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Welcome to our online training course, designed for Physicians, Healthcare Workers, Students, & Volunteers in the Workplace. In this course….


  • Review Senate Bill 1299 Regulation
  • Define the five Workplace Violence types (Criminal Intent, Customer/Client, Worker-to-Worker, Domestic Violence, Ideological Violence)
  • Understanding of Codes (Code Gray, Code Silver, Code Pink, Code Purple, Code Orange, Active Shooter and Location, Bomb Threat, Code Triage)
  • Understanding the crisis cycle
  • Gain Knowledge of Prevention and Management as addressed by S.A.A.M
  • Video: Cache Valley Utah- Shooter/ Doctor
  • Identify Triggers of the crisis (external, mental, substance abuse)
  • Identify staff triggers
  • Identify patient’s psychiatric history
  • Post crisis debriefing (prevention)
  • Employee’s Assistance Program Therapeutic Alternatives; least restrictive interventions
  • Evasive physical intervention technique

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